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Original Soundtrack Album help?

11/4/13 by imaTouko-chan

I am trying to find a particular soundtrack from Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius with the School BGM music I think it was called "Forever with me" on the Super NES without the vocals including the Boss fight at the end. I tried finding the soundtracks, but without luck... :(

Also, a Pokemon Gold soundtrack from the original Mono OST soundtrack and Arranged Super Mario Land 2 music.

Appreciate that you can find it or send me the link. ;) I tried looking everywhere so far I got nothing.

Similar or the same like the video below, but without the Sound Effects.


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Ima-Touko Chan konichiwa :D

11/13/13 imaTouko-chan responds:

OMG... You returned!!! :D



Luckily, I found these last year and I got what you wanted. Enjoy
Without Vocals:

Hikaru-chan and Akane-chan Boss Theme:

People have been searching for this version and never found it... somehow I found this hidden gem. The Vocal Version:

I think you may like this version by Teck: look by the S catergory and find Stage BGM 1 (XG)

I can't find the rare version of the Pokemon G/S/C arranged instrument OST since that one is hard to find is slim as similar to the ones above. I did found the link, but it was broken...

Hope these are the ones you are looking for.

11/9/13 imaTouko-chan responds:

OMG... I can never thank you enough!

Thanks and I never knew for the fact that I can't find the version with the vocals until now.

You just made my day. ^^



I'm your 54th fan ^_^

11/9/13 imaTouko-chan responds:

It's always great to have fans and I fanned you too. ;)



Nice place you have here

11/9/13 imaTouko-chan responds:

Thank You :)



Unrelated, but I do believe I've found a new Pokemon to be among my favorites

11/9/13 imaTouko-chan responds:

A Lucha wrestling Pokemon?! I want the game now!



This games seems VERY familiar......

11/9/13 imaTouko-chan responds:

It's Parodius strange with some of it's titles but worth it if you want something challenging.